We are Eco Resort Group [ trading as “Eco Resort Real Estate Developers LLC” ] and we have plans to build the most stunning eco resorts in UAE.

We specialize in land acquisitions and development of eco-resort real estate, which not only benefits our shareholders, but the surrounding communities as well. we are working with internationally renowned consultants to deliver solutions which are sustainable yet creative & unique. Our mission is to develop low-impact and eco-friendly tourism in the UAE and the MENA region.


Our Eco Resorts will provide more than environmental benefits, such as economic and socio-cultural benefits. Our Eco Resorts will create job opportunities for locals, creating a more diversified economy. They will also help preserve the regions heritage and provide greater interaction with native people.
The newly launched Oasis Eco Resort will be located in Liwa, the southern region of UAE, and is scheduled to open in 2020. It is one of several Eco Resorts we are planning to launch over the next few years.