United Arab Emirates

UAE is home to some of the most stunning and natural attractions. There are many spectacular landscapes to experience in UAE such as Beaches, Mountains, Deserts, Wadis and the Sea. We believe people should make the most of the natural beauty of UAE whilst minimising their impact on the environment.

UAE also has an ambitious goal of becoming one of the most sustainable countries in the world. By 2021, UAE is also expecting to welcome 45 million people, of which 31 million will be international tourists. We are looking to transform this rapidly growing sector into a green economy, by creating the world’s greenest eco resorts.


We are Eco Resort Group and we have plans to build the most stunning eco resorts in UAE.

We specialise in land acquisitions and development of eco resort real estate, which not only benefits our shareholders, but the surrounding communities as well. We are working with internationally renowned consultants to deliver solutions which are sustainable yet creative & unique. Our mission is to develop low-impact and eco-friendly tourism in the UAE and the MENA region.

Why eco resorts?

Our eco resorts will provide more than environmental benefits, such as economic and socio-cultural benefits. Our eco resorts will create job opportunities for locals, creating a more diversified economy. They will also help preserve the regions heritage and provide greater interaction with native people.


The Oasis Eco Resort is our first flagship project which features a spring at its heart. The accommodations and functional areas are distributed around the spring, which will be the tranquil heart of the resort. in total there are 84 interconnecting suites of various types, all of which provide amazing views and an outdoor terrace. some of the environmental benefits include recycling waste water on site for irrigation, onsite waste management, the enforcement of a zero emission zone and 157,000 square feet of solar panels.

The Biodomes Wildlife Conservation Centre will be located in the Al Hajar Mountains, the eastern region of UAE. The Biodomes project aims to boost ecotourism and conserve the mountains of UAE, which are home to rare species of Arabian wildlife. Some of the project’s environmental features include 100% renewable energy, recycling waste water on site for irrigation and onsite waste management.